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How to book your session with me?

  1. All appointments must be booked, prior, I do require a minimum of 24 hours in advance!
  2. Please text me, or email me your: First name,
  3. Time ,date you suggest I schedule you?
  4. Length and type of the session you desire?
  5. Your age, and ethnicity?
  6. Your location, if you want me to visit you at your place?
  7. Any possible health related issues that I should be aware of such as : stroke, high blood pressure,  asthma, allergies, etc?
  8. Real phone number, not a virtual text app.

Method of payment

I do book sessions with me upon receiving a partial payment via e-transfer, PayPal or an Amazon gift card to confirm your appointment, and making sure that you will show up, and that no one’s time has been wasted.

E-transfer Investment:

Before I confirm your booking, we will have a 15-20 minutes conversation over the phone, making sure we both understand, and are comfortable with each other!

I expect you to be:

On time, Polite, respectful to me and my services, good hygiene, as body odor can be sometimes disturbing and unattractive!

I promise:

To treat you as You deserve to be treated- with kindness, respect, understanding , and of course to be professional and discreet. What happens on the session-stays there! I know how to keep secrets! Mutual understanding is a key to success!

Get In Touch

How to book your session with me?

I do prefer if you send me a detailed message, explaining what type of session you wish to book.

Make sure to plan your session in advance, I can also book You on the same day , as long as You contact me early on a day!

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