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Important: All listed prices are Incall prices, Outcall prices may incur a higher charge depending on your location.

Tantra , Nuru Sensual massage and Your investment:

“Money is an IOU from society for future goods and services, which is translated as, other people’s time” — Alex Hormozi.

With this in mind, remember when you book me, for the money you spent, you book your session with me — it is my life time that I’m willing to share with you at that moment, so literally it’s suppose to be priceless! However, if you still think I’m pricey, remember You get — what you pay for — always! Besides, I’m a rare, limited edition piece of art, so appreciate every single moment you are with me!!

  • 60 min Nuru with shower $300
  • 90 min Nuru with shower $500
  • 120 min Nuru with shower $600
  • 90 minutes Tantra with me $550
  • 120 minutes Tantra with me $650
  • 120 minutes Tantra for Couples $850
  • 180 minutes Tantra with me $750

Sound Bowl Healing Session

Sound healing, often facilitated through the use of a Crystal or a Brass sound Bowl, various practices that leverage sound and vibration to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. A Sound Bowl session- also known as a sound healing table or sound massage table, is designed to emit a range of therapeutic frequencies and vibrations, often through the use of resonance and harmonics, such as Solfeggio Tuning Forks, Crystal Sound Bawl, Copper or Brass Tibetian Sound Bowls, Shamanic Drums and Much more!
The health benefits associated with Sound Bowl Frequencies healing are believed to include stress reduction, relaxation, and the potential to alleviate physical and emotional tension. The vibrations and frequencies emitted by the Sound Bowls are thought to resonate with the body’s own energy, promoting a sense of balance and harmony. Sound healing is also believed to stimulate the release of endorphins, which can contribute to pain relief and a heightened sense of well-being. Additionally, the practice is thought to facilitate deep relaxation, potentially supporting better sleep, reducing anxiety, and promoting a state of emotional equilibrium.
It’s important to note that while sound healing and the use of a Sound Bowl have been associated with various potential health benefits, such as improved energy flow, reduced stress, and enhanced relaxation, individual experiences with these practices may vary. As with any complementary therapy, it’s advisable to consult with qualified practitioners and healthcare professionals to determine the most suitable approach for individual health and wellness needs.
During the Sound Bowl (Singing Bowl) hearing session – you’ll be placed on the massage table or the yoga mat on the ground ( whichever you prefer) you can be completely or semi. nude- choice is yours. You will be covered with some blanket to keep your body temperature, and for the whole hour, you will be in a complete state of bliss, surrounded by different sounds, frequencies, and vibrations that will stimulate the production of certain ( endorphins ) and other hormones to increase your metabolism, to stimulate healing, and to balance your energies and all the elements inside your physical body!
  • 60 min $200

Nude Open Heart Yoga

Nude Yoga Session: during the nude yoga session we both will be practicing nude or semi-nude, nude yoga is very beneficial and so much fun, as you will learn how to use your sexual energy to enhance your stamina, balance, flexibility, and of course, your breath during the session, below you will find some benefits of practicing nude yoga:
1. Body Acceptance and Self-Confidence: Nude yoga can promote a positive body image and self-acceptance, fostering a sense of comfort and confidence with one’s own body.
2. Sensory Awareness: Practicing yoga in the nude can enhance sensory awareness, allowing individuals to connect more deeply with their breath, skin, and overall bodily sensations.
3. Freedom of Movement: Nude yoga can provide a greater range of motion and freedom in movement, as there are no material restrictions that may be present with clothing.
4. Mind-Body Connection: The practice can facilitate a stronger mind-body connection, inviting individuals to explore their physical and mental boundaries in a more uninhibited manner.
5. Embracing Authenticity: Engaging in nude yoga may encourage authenticity and vulnerability, allowing individuals to embrace and express their true selves without the layers of external attire.
It’s important to note that these benefits are subjective and may vary for each individual. As with any form of yoga, it’s advised to practice in a safe and respectful environment, ensuring the comfort and privacy of all participants.
  • 60 min $200

VIP sessions are also available

Please be advised this service requires you to book a special VIP spot.
This service requires to book a special VIP place, so please be advised sometime I need 4 to 6 days to book that place., weekends and holidays will affect that. This is not the service that you can book in 24 hours.
In VIP sessions , I’m offering Sauna-or- Jacuzzi sessions, everything is private and discreet!

We will spend an unforgettable time together. Candle light, soft-sensual music, optional -I offer Aroma oils based on your preference! In the sauna, I will tend to your needs, massage your feet, Indian head massage, etc, there will be a nice steam, with some gentle smell of Aroma.

In the jacuzzi I offer Epsom Salts, gentle touch and care! I find it very relaxing, and distressful, while I can still massage you gently, or we might sip some Red Wine, as I do love Red!

In this VIP session, you will enjoy a long sensual, beautiful massage with a warm oil, or a hot Nuru Gel, the choice is completely yours. Perhaps you want to stay longer than three hours during the VIP session, so let me know in advance that I can give you a special price!

VIP sessions and investment:

  • 120 min $800
  • 180 min $900

In the VIP session there is no 30 or 60 minute, as it’s a luxury service, focusing on total relaxation, rejuvenation, and absolutely no rush! Total bliss and joy!