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This website contains adult material and is not intended for minors. If you are under 21 years of age -please Leave this website Now! By entering this website you release myself, the website owner and all associated parties of any liability for the content. This website describes discreet social , and sensual interaction and companionship between the practitioner and a customer, and does not infer illegal services of any kind. All arrangements are entered into freely and any gratuities and fees mentioned and paid for my time I offer.

A little history on Tantra

The Sanskrit word 'Tantra' derives from the verbal root tan, meaning 'to weave', or 'compose', and refers to a type of instructional text, often written as a dialogue between a god and a goddess!

Western neo-tantra has been popularized most notably by, Chandra Mohan / Rajneesh / Osho, and followers such as Margo Anand as "The World's Leading Expert on Tantra."

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About me

Welcome to my world! Full of sensuality, mystery, and feelings!

My Tantric name : is a Morning Star, and from now on please call me like this!

I’m in my 40’s , beautiful athletic build, thanks to my fitness and martial-arts background! I’m Eastern European, with a pleasant accent; I have a well rounded education. I’m an intelligent , and a sensitive soul, and I love to keep the same company around me! I’m also- 5″6 Tall. 130 lbs, with a medium length, light-brown hair ,and beautiful green eyes! Yes.. it’s me!

I’m also- empathic, joyful, energetic, experienced, gentle, mindfull, sensual, and open minded . I’m also an Ethical Vegan, so if you do offer me dinner together, please only keep a plant based food choice , while around me, as I stand by the principles of :kindness, fairness, and What comes around-Goes around! I also Love a World of Tantra~

All my life I have been passionate, and intrigued by the human body, mind, and a soul connection! By connecting all three in an intimate, sensual way , might help You to open another door to the infinite possibilities! As a result , it will blast inside as a bouquet of sensuality, spirituality and sexuality! Yes, indeed!

I decided to take it to the next level. Besides the traditional massage ( Classic massage, Reflexology, Thai massage, Indian Head massage..) diploma, and many years of experience in that field, I got trained and developed my own unique style in Tantra breathing, and Tantra massage,Tantra-Yoga practice, Singing Bowl healing, Theta Healing Modality ( by Vianna Stibal) , as well as sensual Nuru massage. I’m capable of awakening your true physical , and spiritual potential! Tantra experience can be beyond any other of your sexual/sensual experiences you might incountered with your partner before.


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MY Services

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Your Investment

Tantra , Nuru Sensual massage and Your investment:

“Money is an IOU from society for future goods and services, which is translated as, other people’s time” — Alex Hormozi.

With this in mind, remember when you book me, for the money you spent, you book your session with me — it is my life time that I’m willing to share with you at that moment, so literally it’s suppose to be priceless! However, if you still think I’m pricey, remember You get — what you pay for — always! Besides, I’m a rare, limited edition piece of art, so appreciate every single moment you are with me!!

  • 60 min Nuru with shower $300
  • 90 min Nuru with shower $500
  • 120 min Nuru with shower $600
  • 90 minutes Tantra with me $550
  • 120 minutes Tantra with me $650

Singing Bowl and Nude Yoga Session and Your Investment:

  • 60 min $200
  • 90 min $300

VIP sessions are also available

Within 4-5 days booking me advance!
In VIP sessions , I’m offering Sauna-or- Jacuzzi sessions, everything is private and discreet!

We will spend an unforgettable time together. Candle light, soft-sensual music, optional -I offer Aroma oils based on your preference! In the sauna, I will tend to your needs, massage your feet, Indian head massage, etc, there will be a nice steam, with some gentle smell of Aroma.

In the jacuzzi I offer Epsom Salts, gentle touch and care! I find it very relaxing, and distressful, while I can still massage you gently, or we might sip some Red Wine, as I do love Red!

VIP sessions and investment:

  • 120 min $800
  • 180 min $850

In VIP sessions there are no half an hour, or an hour sessions, as it’s literally impossible to fit this type of service in less than 120 minutes.

Please don’t hesitate, and Schedule your unforgettable Session today!

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