Tantra & Nuru

A little history on Tantra

The Sanskrit word 'Tantra' derives from the verbal root tan, meaning 'to weave', or 'compose', and refers to a type of instructional text, often written as a dialogue between a god and a goddess!

Western neo-tantra has been popularized most notably by, Chandra Mohan / Rajneesh / Osho, and followers such as Margo Anand as "The World's Leading Expert on Tantra."

Experience the transformative power of Tantra with our personalized sessions designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. We highly recommend a minimum of a 90-minute session to ensure a relaxed and unhurried experience. Our Tantric sessions cater to both men and women, starting from the age of 20 and beyond. 

Let go of any preconceived notions or previous encounters as we tailor each session to meet your unique needs. As an energy healer and medium attuned to frequencies and the astral (emotional) body, I possess the ability to discern exactly what you require on any given day. There’s no need to worry about shyness or introversion; I will guide you gently towards self-discovery and help you rediscover your true self.

Upon arrival at our session, we commence with a cleansing ceremony utilizing sacred elements such as Sage, mugwort, or other incense to purify the space and your energy field. Additionally, we introduce positive vibrations through the resonating sounds of our healing bowls. This initial process typically lasts between 5 to 15 minutes, allowing you to enter a tranquil state.

Next, we focus on your Chakras, the vital energy centers within your body. Sitting face to face, legs crossed, with closed eyes and synchronized breathing, we harmonize and activate your Chakras. The duration of this practice can range from 10 to 15 minutes, although I follow an intuitive flow rather than strict timekeeping.

Following the Chakra work, I proceed to work on your physical body, employing unique touch techniques developed over my extensive experience as a Tantra practitioner. As your sexual energy awakens and flows throughout your entire being, your body may experience pleasant tremors and exhilaration. This process allows for a profound connection to your sensual self.

To conclude the session, if desired, we offer a Lingam or Yoni massage to bring your body into a state of complete equilibrium and full-body sexual bliss. It’s important to note that prior experience in Tantra is not necessary to benefit from our sessions. However, an open mind and willingness to embrace the transformation of your body and mind are essential.

We look forward to welcoming you to our session and encourage you to fully immerse yourself and relish in the experience. Please refrain from consuming substances such as alcohol, marijuana/cannabis, or recreational drugs 12 to 24 hours prior to your session, as they may interfere with your overall experience. See you soon and get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation!

A little history on Nuru Massage

Indulge in the ultimate bliss of Nuru Massage at Tantra Massage. I will transport you to a world of sensual pleasure and deep relaxation. Originating from the Japanese tradition, Nuru Massage is a unique experience that involves body-to-body contact and the use of a special gel, renowned for its slippery texture.

During your Nuru Massage session, you will feel the warm, soothing touch of our expert masseuses as they skillfully glide their bodies against yours, creating a tantalizing and intimate connection. The Nuru gel, with its nourishing properties, enhances the sensations, allowing you to fully surrender to the moment and let go of all your stresses and tensions.

A little history on Sensual Massage

Experience the power of sensual touch with my exquisite Sensual Massage at Tantra Massage. Designed to ignite your senses and unleash your inner desires, this massage is a celebration of pleasure, intimacy, and connection. I will guide you through a journey of heightened sensations and profound relaxation.

From the moment you step in, you will be greeted with warmth and care. I make sure to create a safe and nurturing space where you can let go of inhibitions and fully embrace the sensual experience. Through the art of touch, they will awaken your body, mind, and spirit, allowing you to discover new realms of pleasure and sensuality.

During your Sensual Massage session, every stroke and caress will be tailored to your unique needs and desires. You will be enveloped in an atmosphere of pure bliss as I explore your body with grace and intention. The release of tension and the awakening of your sensual energy will leave you feeling deeply fulfilled and connected to your own sensuality.

Difference of Nuru Massage from Sensual Massage

While Nuru Massage primarily relies on body-to-body contact and the use of a special gel, Sensual Massage incorporates a more holistic approach, incorporating various techniques and sensory elements to create a fulfilling and intimate experience.

Both Nuru Massage and Sensual Massage at Tantra Massage offer unique and pleasurable experiences, tailored to your preferences and desires. I will ensure that each session is a personalized journey that leaves you feeling deeply satisfied, rejuvenated, and connected to your own sensuality.

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Your Investment

Tantra , Nuru Sensual massage and Your investment:

“Money is an IOU from society for future goods and services, which is translated as, other people’s time” — Alex Hormozi.

With this in mind, remember when you book me, for the money you spent, you book your session with me — it is my life time that I’m willing to share with you at that moment, so literally it’s suppose to be priceless! However, if you still think I’m pricey, remember You get — what you pay for — always! Besides, I’m a rare, limited edition piece of art, so appreciate every single moment you are with me!!

  • 60 min Nuru with shower $300
  • 90 min Nuru with shower $500
  • 120 min Nuru with shower $600
  • 90 minutes Tantra with me $550
  • 120 minutes Tantra with me $650

Singing Bowl and Nude Yoga Session and Your Investment:

  • 60 min $200
  • 90 min $300

VIP sessions are also available

Within 4-5 days booking me advance!
In VIP sessions , I’m offering Sauna-or- Jacuzzi sessions, everything is private and discreet!

We will spend an unforgettable time together. Candle light, soft-sensual music, optional -I offer Aroma oils based on your preference! In the sauna, I will tend to your needs, massage your feet, Indian head massage, etc, there will be a nice steam, with some gentle smell of Aroma.

In the jacuzzi I offer Epsom Salts, gentle touch and care! I find it very relaxing, and distressful, while I can still massage you gently, or we might sip some Red Wine, as I do love Red!

VIP sessions and investment:

  • 120 min $800
  • 180 min $850

In VIP sessions there are no half an hour, or an hour sessions, as it’s literally impossible to fit this type of service in less than 120 minutes.

Please don’t hesitate, and Schedule your unforgettable Session today!

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